Hannah Smith – “Existential Crisis Management”

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SEO alone is not enough. Once, being ranked high was enough.

Now we need press coverage, social shares, and of course links.

When it comes to consumers and brands, only 8% of brands are meaningful to consumers, so we should aim to be the 8% that people actually love.

What is a brand?

What do meaningful brands do?

1. ‘Meaningful brands find opportunities to delight customers (great interactions stand out & are shared)’

go the exta mile to respond in a novel way


have a library of images they can use for customer interactions





A cheeky response cn get shared well. But you need a really good understanding of your audience.


2. ‘Meaningful brands give people the ability to define themselves to others’

Why do we share what we share? Why did I tweet this?

If you consider what we tweet or share on Facebook

Two ‘modes’



45 days



Nike greatness video


3. ‘Meaningful brands stand for something above and beyond their products & services’




Getting to the point where a brand trusts you, that’s the goal. If the team or agency wins the trust of the client, that’s the goal. In-house teams, agencies and teams need to be trusted.

As these brands are bigger


Oli Gardner – ‘The Landing Page Manifesto’

Attention ratio

There should ever be one ‘call to action’.

Focus on your conversion goal.

“Context is like velcro. The more you have, the more you can hold on to.”



Landing pages.

UsabilityHub can be used to gather feedback on your landing pages. Ask simple questions, such as:

  • What do you think this page is about?
  • What do you expect to happen if you click on the call to action?
  • Did you think this page looked trustworthy?

Clarity beats clever.


‘Go words’

safety net statement

once and done

#7. Invite your friends to dinner if they’re assholes

Silence is better than bullshit.

Some ways to increase conversions –

Trust signals

video vs. text

Video testimonial increased conversions by 25% compared to text.

Social proof can be bullshit.

Be obvious.

DESIGN rules

People like to be led. Take control of the situation.

It’s not necesarily about the colour, but about the contrast of the CTA button compared to the surrounding area.

#8. Write irrelevant call-to-action copy


Oli’s key point, which he ended on, was – Never start a marketing campaign without a dedicated landing page.


Ade Lewis – ‘Becoming a Digital Superhero’

Know, Like, Trust. Doesn’t happen overnight, you need to work towards it.

Start > Understand > Curate Ideas > Deliver > Learn > Superhero Status!

Content Ideas

Take the best ideas from an RSS Feed Aggregator, then put them into Evernote. This creates a resource if you’re looking for content ideas.

Here’s Ade’s guide:

1. Put together a list of successful sites within your niche.

2. Locate their XML sitemaps.

3. Download URL Profiler.

4. Import a sitemap of Screaming Frog export.

5. Select data and run.

6. Repeat for all competitors.

7. Combine all results.

8. Add social metrics data together in a new column.

9. Create a new sheet and duplicate data.

10. Order sheet 1 by Referring Domains, order sheet 2 by .

11. Cleanup your spreadsheet.

12. Copy and combine.

17. Import into BuzzStream.


What about Social?





presspass.me is a useful site for gathering


Annie Cushing – ‘Are Your Google Analytics Reports Pretty Little Liars?’

Annie runs Annielytics, which is an online analytics platform, similar to Google Analytics.

Google Analytics isn’t measuring

Users (Unique Visitors)

It’s clear one of the main problems we’re facing is now ‘new users’ are being identified. In most cases

Visitor ID

Google Analytics Debugger (Chrome Extension)

Customer ID

Logged in

When you’re looking at an analytics platform,

Missing metrics that matter:

  • Cost of goods sold
  • Profit
  • Margin
  • Number of members
  • Population
  • Game score
  • Awards
  • Points
  • Email opens
  • Email sends


Cross-domain tracking passes on the client ID via a URL parameter.


Mackenzie Fogelson – ‘The Measurement Behind Your Integrated Marketing Strategy’

Measuring tactics

Key points:

  • Nothing works in isolation (don’t silo!). Instead, combine all of your efforts to accomplish the client goals.
  • It’s not just about what you measure.
  • Continually test and change the KPIs you’re using to prove your value.




Wil Reynolds – ‘Marketing In Your Sleep: How To Build Links, Engagement, Mentions and Shares with Big Content’

Wil was an incredibly passionate speaker, talking about

Content is too easy, it’s a commodity.

Do one thing really well.

Great content is sustainable and continues to get visitors.


A great way Wil said you should look at it is, if your content was removed from the web, would anyone miss it?

Google Display Network


David Sottimano – ‘Data Driven SEO’


Forgot to track the data?

SEMRush’s historical search results

Historical screenshots


How do I find examples around the web?


LinkRisk Peak

I need to gather data from webpages.





Let’s define ‘great content’

What makes content ‘good’?


Build a better practice by binning best practice

If you say something, Prove it! Data, or it didnt happen.


David Mihm – ‘Bulletproofing Your Local Search Presence for 2015 and Beyond’

By the end of 2014, mobile searches are expected to surpass desktop.

Google are spending lots of money on local search.

Knowledge graph


“79% of people trust reviews as much as personal recommendations”

‘Barnacle onto brands’

Think beyond your website.

Pigeon [update] is coming.

When it hits, study.


Will Critchlow – ‘The Threat of Mobile’

Will started off his presentation talking about the decline in desktop websites.

Don’t build things differently. Build different things. I.e. don’t just make a website responsive, but actually create a whole different experience and design for mobile users.

More mobile search queries than desktop this year.

Mobile App indexing

Is Google crawling apps?

The ‘physical web’ (a world where physical devices have URLs)


Panel discussion