Amazon offered me £10 off if I spent £50 or more, so I bought this. Usually £68.99, but cost me just £58.99 with the discount; which isn’t bad for 2TB! Especially since it’s a 2.5″ drive (laptop size), and has USB 3.0.

Also, I should point out that I chose the thinner style hard drive mainly down to its portability. I was fed up of having to dock heavier 3.5″ desktop style hard drives on a dock, along with having to plug in power. With this, I simply use the included cable to connect one end to the hard drive case, and the other to a spare USB connector on my laptop. Simple. No hassle with power leads and docks.

I’ve got Amazon Prime, so I get free next day delivery. Though in this case, I ordered on a Saturday evening and it arrived on Tuesday, due to the fact they had extended their despatch times over the Black Friday / Cyber Monday period.