For those that know me, I’m often seen as a very frugal… (okay, tight!) person. I’m always looking for ways I can save money.

Anyway, here are 10 tips I’ve found useful.

  1. Pay subscriptions in USD where possible

    1. Most global businesses have their base pricing in USD, so other currencies will face less preferential pricing.
    2. Whilst this doesn’t save as much as it used to (due to an ever worsening exchange rate), it can be around 10% cheaper to pay in USD (even taking into account GBP>USD conversion fees).
    3. For example, Spotify charge US customers $9.99/mo (~£7), whilst Brits pay £9.99/mo.
  2. Use cashback sites

    1. Sites such as TopCashback and Quidco ‘track’ your purchase and give you a percentage of the sale back in cash a few months later. There’s really nothing to lose, so sign up if you’re not already using a cashback site.
  3. Audit your monthly expenses

    1. If you’ve got a few minutes to spare on a Sunday afternoon, take a look through your bank statement or PayPal account, looking for any odd transactions. You’ll thank yourself later.
    2. Also, decide if you really need that Spotify Premium, Amazon Prime, Netflix or Sky TV account.
  4. Buy own-branded products where possible

    1. There’s often a stigma around buying own-brand goods. However, the difference is generally insignificant – apart from the fact that brands have massive marketing budgets that they need to pay for somehow!
  5. Prepare your own packed-lunch

    1. You’ll be amazed at the amount you can save. If you’re in the office 240 days a year, buying a £3 sandwich everyday will set you back £720. If you prepare a packed lunch (~£1) instead, you’ll save £480/year.
  6. Buy used or refurbished products instead of new

    1. For high value items such as an iPhone, it’s worth buying new so you have the warranty.
  7. Add more to your basket to qualify for free delivery

    1. If the online store offers free returns, you could even return any unwanted items later.
  8. Buy essentials in bulk (if you’ve got the space!)

    1. For household essentials such as kitchen roll, toilet paper and dishwasher tablets, you’ll often find bulk packs are discounted.
  9. If you’re not in a rush, consider buying from China

    1. Using websites such as AliExpress, you can buy almost anything that you’ll find on Amazon, eBay or in retail stores, but often at half the price. You just have to wait a few weeks for delivery.
  10. Make use of any other discounts that might apply to you;

    1. Student Discount
    2. NHS Discount
    3. Emergency Services Discount
    4. Armed Forces Discount
    5. 60+ Discount (OAP)

ALWAYS haggle if you’re

This excludes Chinese sellers – you’ll usually end up with a lower quality product.