On Saturday last week I visited the National Hamfest 2013, which is an annual ‘radio rally’ event held at the Newark Showground. One of my granddad’s main hobbies is electronics, so events such as this are useful for picking up supplies, as well as old equipment which can be taken apart and put to good use.

The event had a mixture of commercial stands and ‘car boot’ style traders based both indoors and outdoors. Whilst the event was aimed at ham-radio enthusiasts, there were also a few stands and ‘car booters’ selling computer products.

I picked up a couple of Cisco Catalyst 2950 switches for a bargain price, which I’ll be using to help expand my knowledge of networking equipment.

I also picked up an old (broken) hard drive for just 10p, which I’ll be taking apart to feature in an upcoming blog post about what the inside of a hard drive looks like.

Here are a few pics of the event:

National Hamfest 2013 flea market


National Hamfest 2013 exhibition hall