So last year I had a problem with a pair of AKG K451 headphones I bought back in. Out of the warranty period, I wasn’t expecting anything, though jumped on live chat with Amazon and thought I’d give it a try.

Usually, you’d be told the warranty period had ended.

But this is Amazon. After more than 2 years, and despite the fact I bought from a third-party seller who was only using Amazon for fulfilment purposes, they gave me a free returns label and refunded me when I sent them back.


More recently, I had a pair of walking boots that after wearing one of the boots had the insole slip to the back. A quick live chat with Amazon, and they said I could send them back for a free replacement.

Even better, they sent me a replacement before I even sent them back.


It does make me wonder what happens to these returns – whether they get thrown out, returned to the manufacturer, or what. Possibly a future blog post?


P.S. If I’d have bought in-person from a store, the Consumer Rights Act (formerly Sale of Goods Act) would apply.