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Super-Comfortable Danish Merino Wool Socks

Over the years, I’ve build up quite a collection of various brands of hiking socks! While some are better than others, I recently came across much discussion on the benefits of wearing merino wool hiking socks rather than more traditional thick socks.

A quick search on Amazon, and I discovered these, which seemed to be the most popular, so I thought I’d buy them and see if they were any good. After all, Amazon has a great returns policy, so I could send them back if they weren’t up to scratch.

Sadly, brown was out of stock, so I opted for green. They arrived from Amazon within a couple of days.

The underneath section of the sock has an extra layer of soft merino wool, making them extra thick and comfortable on longer walks.

The toe section is nicely sewn, and there’s no lumpy stitching on the inside that’ll be uncomfortable.

They’re long enough to come above any high walking boots, and have elastic sections around the mid-foot and ankle sections to avoid them slipping off too easily.

Overall, a great all-rounder. To give them a real test, I’ll be wearing them on my Ireland trip next week.

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