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First FTTC Cabinet Installed in Welton

A few weeks ago, a company sub-contracted by BT Openreach installed the first FTTC (Fibre-To-The-Cabinet) cabinet just outside in front of the Welton Exchange. Here’s a pic.

At last! Hooray! Brilliant! Fast internet!

Well actually, no, not necessarily.

After a lengthy discussion with a senior BT engineer earlier this year, it seems that we’re ‘too close’ to the Welton Exchange, meaning we personally won’t notice an improvement in broadband speed.

Afterall, the ‘fibre’ broadband we’re all sold in those adverts from BT, Sky etc. usually still has to make the ‘last mile’ (from the cabinet adjacent to the road to your home) via old-fashioned copper telephone wiring.

FTTH (Fibre-To-The-Home) or FTTP (Fibre-To-The-Premises) is the only true fibre. And it comes at a price.

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